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Jill Bush, Electrologist

Rhonda Marr L.Ac.AfterImage Electrolysis has been offering permanent hair removal treatments at Invigorations Massage and Wellness Center located on Port Watson St., since August 2005.

Electrolysis still remains the only truly permanent hair removal method available. Unlike laser, electrolysis can treat any color hair on any skin type. Electrolysis can take place on any part of the body and can be a reliable hair removal method for both men and women. It is a very safe method using pre-sterilized disposable probes.

From one stubborn hair to a whole area of hair, electrolysis may be right for you. Many people spend a lot of time and money coping with their unwanted hair. Electrolysis is budget friendly and gives people freedom from their unwanted hair and a wonderful sense of confidence.

If you are tired of tweezing and waxing, if you are having trouble seeing the hairs or if the area of hair you are currently removing is becoming too much maintenance, then call for a free consultation (607) 753-1228. For more information visit the AfterImage Electrolysis web site.


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