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Products: Tend Skin

Tend Skin LiquidTend Skin products are used for:

Razor Bumps

Razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) occur on the faces of men with wiry, curly hair. Beard hairs curl as they grow, and eventually burrow into skin adjacent to the hair follicle. Razor bumps itch, burn, and make shaving difficult. When applied regularly, Tend Skin effectively reduces the appearance of unsightly razor bumps.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs appear after shaving, waxing, and electrolysis, forming after hairs have been cut or removed below the skin surface. As the hairs continue to grow, they curl over within the follicles and fail to exit to the surface, resulting in an unsightly bump on the skin. Tend Skin liquid reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Razor Burn

Applying Tend Skin Liquid after shaving will reduce the appearance of redness on the skin (on faces, legs, bikini lines, and underarms). Tend Skin Liquid also reduces redness on the neck from wearing a necktie after shaving.


Tend Skin Liquid works as an extremely effective underarm deodorant in addition to reducing the appearance of skin redness and ingrown hairs.

Foot deodorant

Try Tend Skin Liquid on your feet before putting on your shoes and socks. It will prevent foot odor, as well as stop foot odor if applied when you remove your shoes.

After Facials

Tend Skin Liquid is used after facials to reduce the appearance of bumps after skin extraction procedures.


More information is available at the Tend Skin web site.