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The products you can purchase at Invigorations provide one way to continue your wellness experience at home. We are confident that the selections we offer will give relief and provide long term benefits.

The market is flooded with skin care supplies making choices difficult and laborious. Invigorations makes the task a little easier by providing a full selection of the award winning Dermalogica retail line. For healthy skin, results oriented ingredients used in Dermalogica make it the best choice. The company has been honored for many top products including the Daily Microfoliant which is in the United Kingdom Hall of Fame and is recognized as the top selling professional product in the world. Ask about the Dermalogica rewards card!

We offer a variety of therapeutic hot packs, the well-known all natural Burt’s Bees line, Hobacare massage oil used by many of our therapists, ChiroFlow water-based pillows, and a selection of nutritional supplements.

If you live out of town, e-mail or call us about shipping the product to you.




"The calm space and caring energy are very renewing. The programs are unique and geared to developing yourself in deeper dimensions.

Janet is an intelligent, caring, trustworthy friend and professional.

Sharyn has helped me understand the importance of taking care of my face and skin...beyond vanity.

Together these two women have created an ideal spa. Phoenix is very fortunate to have such a welcoming, comfortable, homey business for people."

~Linda Riggins