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Products: "It's the Pits" Cherry Pit Products

It's the Pits Cherry Pit ProductsPhysical Therapists, chiropractors, other healthcare workers, and our clients have found countless uses for these Mircrowaveable Moist-Heat Cherry Pit Pillows. Each pillow is quality upholstered material filled with cherry pits, completely machine washable, and well designed with baffles to meet specific needs.

There is a special pillow designed to conform to the shoulder, knee, back, and neck. There is also an IV Pack and a Sinus Pillow.

The most popular Standard Pillow is used for relief of ear aches, tummy aches, headaches, cramps, growing pains, as well as a foot warmer. Also very popular is the Modified Neck Pillow that has a lower pockets which rests on the pressure point between the shoulder blades to effectively relax muscles tightened due to stress or work related sitting. Custom designs are available to order. Manufactured by Show-N-Felt Creations, Brooktondale, NY

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