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Gift Cards: An extraordinary gift!

  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Always the right size and color
  • Never out of style
  • A gift that's good for you
  • A gift for your health and well being.

Order an Invigorations Gift Card in person at our store. You may choose the dollar amount which will be loaded on the card.

Gift Cards may be used for all occasions and any service.

For more information, call Invigorations at (607) 753-1228 or e-mail

Gift Cards have no expiration.


"Whenever my family asks what I would like for my birthday, holidays, etc., I always answer an Invigorations Gift Card!

I love the cozy, relaxing setting and the staff is always friendly and respectful.

I highly recommend all of the services at Invigorations - treat yourself!"

~Kellyann O'Mara-Convertini



"I have to tell you that having an Invigorations gift card does help out money-raising quite a bit. People will buy their auction tickets to have a chance to win something from Invigorations.

You have a great reputation in the community."

~Jennifer Hamilton